Vistar - One word, more than One meanings...

Years ago, one of the meanings of this word was utilized by Ar. Raman and his former Business Partner to form their architectural firm named ‘Vistar Architects’. Like every young entrepreneurship Vistar was small in size but big in ambition. With time, it completed countless projects, all with exceptional success.

But every good thing must come to an end. So, the journey started in 1991 has reached its destination in 2018.

However, an architect does not retire, and Ar. Raman was not in a mood to stop, his passion was not yet ready to give up. So, he found a new purpose to serve this society through quality and research by establishing ARK_Studio, his own architectural firm.




(30 Years of experience)


MSU, Vadodara, India.


COA : CA/97/22218
IIA : A- 8181

Almost half of the Surat city knows this person for his genuine practice in built environment since last two decades. Raman has a great experience in designing results in successful projects varying from small scale residence to urban design and master planning. Functionality of the building is his major inspiration in design. His experience make workflow of the firm effortless.

“For me, architecture is about giving an experience through different functions. I always try to connect my wildest thought and practicality in each project.



(4 Years of experience)


UNSW, Sydney, Australia.


SCET, Surat, India.
COA : CA/xx/xxxxx

Growing up in Surat - one of the largest business cities in India, Shemin always found architecture a great challenge to the indian society since the young age. After under graduating from hometown, he went on to pursue further learnings from UNSW Sydney, one of the famous group of Eight universities in Australia. Being departed from the comfort zone he explored his own architectural values and now he is helping his father Ar. Raman Patel to cherish the complexity and justify the contradictions of society through his own architectural ideologies.

“I am an opportunist who always try to find solutions and make sure that people can enjoy those solutions. Afterall, Architecture is for life.”

“For me, architecture is about giving an experience through different functions. I always try to connect my wildest thought and practicality in each project.

“Modernism is about space. Postmodernism is about communication. You should do what turns you on.”

- Robert Venturi

We are on a mission to deliver desired built environment outputs to our clients, and down this road we tend to dive deep into complexity and contradiction of various layers of architecture. Unlike the conventional way of practice, we have changed our methods of work than previous years of Vistar. We are no more leading our projects blindly to their outcomes only, but we are getting aware of sustainable approach to the process. Moreover, give respect to the materials and textures is one of the key aspects of our conceptualization. In the end, our overarching motto is to serve society and humanity in best possible way we can by balancing personal attributions and public interests.


Our studio is designed on the open plan concept. We believe in collectivism rather than individualism, so there are no partitions or cubicles except conference room. We do active participation every week through networking, casual presentations, site visits, material exploration, software learning and informal movie/documentary sessions to enhance the culture. Being a mid-scaled firm, each employee gets to know the whole process behind a project.